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Part three of the most glorious fanfiction ever to be written, again written by beautifullydestructed, whom we love and can never thank enough. Seriously, here, take these cupcakes, and kisses, and tummy tickles and rainbows and my unborn child as a token of my gratitude. 

(Psssst - if you’re new to the story, here are Part 1 and Part 2)

To wake up with all your needs satisfied is probably the best way to start a day. Enough sleep, neither hungry nor thirsty and of course sexually pleased.

Jude woke up exactly like that, with one exception: he was irritated. Irritated that he did not find Robert at his side. He looked around but he was nowhere to be found. It couldn’t have been a dream. Could it?

A sound at the door answered his question. The one he was looking for came in, a tray full of food in his hands.

“I got some breakfast.” Robert very simply remarked.

Jude was wide awake all of a sudden. “Are we picking up where we left last night?”

“I thought that one tiny bar of chocolate didn’t make me pudgy enough, you know.”

“Not quite.”

Jude got out of the bed and seated himself next to Robert at a table. The tray he had brought was so full that nothing could possibly have found a place on it. Scones, different sorts of bread, croissants, jam, cheese, eggs, fruits, curd cheese, coffee and more.

“And you seriously plan to eat all that?” Jude asked.

“Let’s just see how far we come, shall we?”

Again, Jude had to realize that all of this was happening. That it did not end with last night but that it went on. Whatever it was.

He eagerly took a scone, put strawberry jam on it and turned towards Robert to put it into his mouth. But the man just smiled. “This really turns you on, doesn’t it?”

Jude returned the smirk. “Just open your damn mouth, I know you’re hungry.”

“Hell yeah.” He obeyed.

Satisfaction is a nice thing.




They continued like that for some time. Both Robert and Jude did not have to rush to the next movie set and so they managed to stay together for a while.

“I hate to bring this up but… what about Susan?” Jude asked while they were deciding what they should do next. As much as he wanted Robert to be around but he had too much respect for their love to avoid talking about this subject.

Robert looked up from the Chinese dish on his plate. “Susan…” He swallowed. “Susan doesn’t mind.” The questioning look on Jude’s face made him smile. “This must sound weird to you. But then again, who are you to talk? Anyway, she doesn’t mind me having affairs, I don’t mind her having affairs.”

Jude was not convinced. “And that works?”

“Perfectly. Look, we’re both busy people, we’re not always around each other and we both have certain needs. Plus, she doesn’t really like it when I’m getting chubby in between films, so she is quite happy that someone else is taking care of my gut.”

“So you told her?”

“Do you really think she would let me have this little vacation without knowing my reasons? Susan wasn’t even surprised, she said she’d always thought we make the perfect gay couple anyway.”

“I admire how open you two are.”

“I hope I haven’t destroyed your belief in true love. You know, Susan and I love each other. Madly. We care about each other but what we do works far better than monogamy for us. Please don’t look so shocked.”

“I’m not shocked. I’m just surprised I have your wife’s blessing to fuck you.”

“It would be a pity if you didn’t.”

All the feeding slowly started to show on Robert’s hips. When he was sitting, his tummy was teasingly making its way over the edge of his pants which often made Jude nibble right there before he unfastened the button of Robert’s trousers.

But of course that little extra weight that was spilling over wasn’t enough. Soon, you could rightfully call it a respectable chub and Jude could barely leave his hands off of it. Robert started playing with his lover’s preferences. He ate noticeably slowly. He wore t-shirts that should probably have been a size bigger to fit him and jeans that cut into his flesh and pressed it over the edge, the button almost popping. Jude enjoyed the sight of that. Tight shirts showed Robert’s curves wonderfully and really, what was there to hide?

But the clothes never stayed on Robert for such a long time. Jude always had him undressed pretty fast and what they did afterwards was amazing for both of them. It was as Jude has predicted: having sex with Robert was even better when he was heavier. The delight Jude felt when he ran his fingers from Robert’s chest down to his belly, when he took hold of his lover’s hips, when he lay on top of him and felt his paunch pressing against him was beyond words.

He still felt strange sometimes, though. Should he be worried because of the fact that he was turned on – and not too little – when Robert failed to put on a shirt due to the size of his tummy and one or two buttons actually popped?

No. Most of the time, Jude thought it was better like that. Society might have other beauty ideals but he liked Robert in the shape he was most comfortable in and that must be a good thing. And really, Jude couldn’t see how anyone could deny the beauty of those curves.




“I don’t know if I can do this anymore.”

Jude had just woken up and that was the first thing he heard from Robert, who must have been lying awake for some time.

“What?” Jude asked drowsily.

“My gut. Us. You stuffing me with food. I think we should stop.”

“Correct me if I’m wrong but it looked like you enjoyed our time together.”

“I did.”


Robert sighed. “I have something called a career and I’ll have to continue it soon.”

“So?” Jude didn’t see the point in an argument like that. Especially not in the morning.

“I do enjoy this, Jude, very much. I like how you touch me, I feel good in my body, everything is fine but… let’s face it, you’re the only kinky freak who wants me paunchy.”

Jude gave him a smirk in reply.





“So this is where you were inspired to make me podgy, huh?”

“Yes, I guess you could say that.”

Jude had got his laptop and opened a browser with the blog that had basically caused all this. He did not want Robert to be upset. He did not want him to feel uncomfortable because of his body in any way. And luckily, there was proof that he didn’t need to be.

Robert was amused by the blog, surprised that there was actually a bigger group of people who found him sexy although he gained weight. Or rather, because of that. He laughed about the comments, made Jude click certain pictures again and again and compared his tummy on the pictures with his recent one.

“This must be the chubbiest I’ve been for a long time.” Robert said.

“And the most gorgeous, too.” Jude remarked and could not resist poking Robert’s belly.

It was just too inviting.


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